“Who forgets his history is doomed to repeat it”

A look into the past

Viveros Verón was born 100 years ago with the purpose of supplying healthy and quality fruit trees for farmers. With the evolution of the company the production was diversified with garden plants, ornamental trees and shrubs, aromatic and climbing plants, plants for forest reforestation and decorative fruit trees adapted to small spaces.

After opening the borders, we started our international expansion by carrying out projects of plant supply and bringing agricultural consulting. First in European countries as France, Italy, Portugal, Holland and Belgium and then in countries outside the European Union such as Mexico, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

Together with the Proseplan group we started the work of obtaining new varieties in peach, nectarine and apricot. Currently, Proseplan varieties are a benchmark for quality and good results in a fruit market.

Nowadays in Viveros Verón we are a global company, specializing in Production and Commercialization of a wide variety of fruit trees, also providing technical assistance for sustainable development of agriculture projects.

And with this purpose of being closer to the client and being able to better adapt to their needs, we have recently made a productive and commercial implementation in Azerbaijan from which we give all the necessary support to projects in Central Asia and Russia.

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Accompany our customers with a global service, detecting their needs and adapting to them in order to create the maximum value in their productions.

Be a reliable partner for our clients with successful project implementation.

Grow, but with discipline. Find a balance between intuition and reason. Innovate from the essence. Do not settle for the status quo. Always search new ways of seeing. Never expect magical recipes, believing only in a quality and hard work. Work in a team, creating all conditions for the successful implementation of projects. Listen with empathy and communicate with transparency. Tell our story and not let others predetermine it. Assume our responsibilities. Build relationships between trust, credibility and respect. Take the necessary decisions, even in difficult moments. Be agile. Have coherence between actions, behaviors and words. Learning from mistakes, turning them into lessons that allow us to improve. Be responsible for what we see, hear and do. Believe.